Almost Natural Things


Architecture + Other Things will be participating in the Creative Market at the opening of Warehouse 421 in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. The exhibit will feature a number of existing and new work that falls under the ongoing Almost Natural Things agenda.

TxA: Emerging Design + Technology


Faysal Tabbarah, co-founder of Architecture + Other Things, will be presenting his paper, Almost Natural Things: Production and Aesthetics at the TxA: Emerging Design + Technology conference in Dallas, TX.



Faysal Tabbarah, co-founder of Architecture + Other Things, will be presenting the project Things in the Anthropocene at the ACADIA 2015 conference in Cincinnati, OH.

Game: Heard


Architecture + Other Things will be exhibiting their interactive sound making machine, Game: Heard, during the inaugural Dubai Design Week 2015. Game: Heard will be exhibited as part of the UAE National Pavilion in Dubai Design District.

Shelter 0


The opening of 1971 Design Gallery's Zero Eco Exhibition in Sharjah (UAE), which was sponsored by Bee'ah, saw the unveiling of Shelter 0, an exploration in the potential of recycled materials such as rubber to create spatial conditions that are reminiscent of vernacular Arish (palm-frond) desert shelters.  



The opening of Design House at Sikka Art Fair 2015, curated by Faysal Tabbarah with Mobius Design Studio and Tulip Hazbar, saw the unveiling of Sit.1,  an investigation in the potential of utilizing computational design methodologies to question and transform normative everyday objects such as a stool into a condition that responds to the conceptual and material weight brought about by the act of sitting. The constructs purposely leap beyond structure and function to produce volumes of excess.