Liquid Symmetries

Cloud 10

Lighter Than Architecture

Date: 2009-2011
Status: Research
Credits: Collaboration with Michael Dosier, Tyson Hosmer, Ryan Szanyi.
Tutor: Alisa Andrasek

The research aimed at achieving radically different spatial typologies through the design of a materially and computationally emergent, responsive and adaptive a-typological protoSystem. This was pursued through employing multi-agent systems and exploring nonlinear digital and analogue computation and fabrication.

Agency is examined through swarm intelligence as a vehicle that enables the structuring of a soft reconfigurable space. By addressing the manner in which agent-based systems inform architectural space, the research examines two ways in which a non-linear system is utilized. The first is deploying agent based systems as a tool for pattern formation, while the second deploys an active system that continuously organizes architectural space. The former enables emergent design by proxy, while the latter attempts to continuously organize space and material in response to external and internal factors.

Adopting the basic principles of ecological relationships and integrating them with responsive environments and multi-agent systems results in a temporal architecture that is continuously changed through occupation.